Temari Balls

Temari, or better known as Japanese thread Balls is a dieing art. These balls were started as women in the earliest history of Japan recycled their used kimonos. They would take the kimonos, cut them into strips and wind them into balls which were held together with thread. It was said that these balls were so tight that they would actually bounce! The women would then take and give them to the children as a toy! Later toward the 11th. Century Japan, ( when Japan was in the midst of civil war ) the courtesans in the palaces became bored and took-up the making of these balls. They would take their used under-robes, wad them into balls and then pain-stakingly dissect the outer kimonos for the beautiful gold and silk threads. Initially the balls were quilted, but through competition amongst the women alot of the wonderful patterns were born into what we see today.

My Temari balls are made of a layer of styrofoam, cotton batting, soft yarn or fluffy embroidery thread, an under thread and then a designing thread of either silk or pearl cotton and enhanced with gold, silver, copper or pure gold thread. They are made from 2-1/2 ” to 4″ balls either to hang or to fill a bowl or to sit on their own pillow ( which I also make to match the ball). Some, as you can see, also have tassels and beading. As with the Japanese, these balls are very decorative, can be given as gifts for weddings, thank yous, Christmas and house gifts. They are very artistic and each one is unique. I do take orders if you want one personalized.